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THROUGH HEAVEN - Everybody Has Wings

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THROUGH HEAVEN “Once you lived in heaven.” Thus begins THROUGH HEAVEN, the first children's book by Constantia Oomen, but a book for all ages as well. This beautifully illustrated work shows you why we travel through heaven at night, and sometimes during the day. Kids can read this book with their parents or other adults while talking about their experiences traveling through heaven.

For whom is this book intended?

Everyone has wings! You're not alone when you travel by night or day on invisible wings through the sky. When, why and how do people travel outside their own bodies? And what can you see during a near-death experience? THROUGH HEAVEN answers these and other questions. This book is for anyone who has been there before and for anyone who wants to be well-prepared when it happens again in the future.

Previous books by Constantia Oomen include THROUGH THE WINDOW - Out-of-Body Experiences (2004, second revised edition), THROUGH THE GATE (2007), and THROUGH THE NIGHT (2008). These three books are all about out-of-body experiences.

Constantia Oomen is a teacher and writer.